Wildwood Concert Series

Wildwood Springs Orchestra

Wildwood Springs Orchestra

A getaway at Wildwood has been compared to a week-end at Grandma’s house. Concert day, guests arrive, get settled in, and relax until dinner time….6pm sharp! Just like Grandma’s house, everyone eats their hearty, homestyle meal together, in the spacious, old fashioned dining room. Don’t get too full, homemade dessert and coffee come next! There’s no need to rush a good thing, and remember my motto “You’re here to relax!”. While everyone is enjoying dinner, our staff is busy rearranging the lobby, adjusting the sound system, and getting ready for an amazing show. For the convenience of our guests, we have a full service bar, open for the duration of the performance.

Bob Bell

Watch the video to see why Wildwood Springs Concerts are special.

Our Customers.
Most people might think of Wildwood as a St Louis Venue..  Well We are happy to entertain as many from St Louis Area as Possible…  but in all Honesty, Our Customers come from all over the world.  It is not uncommon to have a Few Foreign Countries and Maybe 20-30 States included in a Audience most nights..  I started doing concerts 25 years ago and Legends have graced our stage..  Leon Russell, Richie Havens, Canned Heat, Doc Watson.. so many more.
So if you are in  Maine.. California… Oregon.. Its Ok, you might meet your neighbor.

2020 Wildwood Springs Lodge Concert Series

The Marshall Tucker Band

The Marshall Tucker Band

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