Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Good Wonderful Morning to all

A Story of Love
As I woke this morning, it was Cloudy, Dark, kind of gloomy really. I started to get ready to go for my Walk, my old Knee was not helping me much, but I got ready and Off I went. This has been my favorite time of year most of my life, I had a Heatstroke when I was young so the Summers Heat, well lets just say I enjoy the Winter. The Sun broke through the Clouds a Bit and my mind shifted to thinking about the Weekend, will all my Kids Being Home, but one then a Smile came to my Face.. Off on my mornings Journey… What will it include.

I think over the last few weeks so much has happened.. Good and Bad. I was thinking about how
life must of been back in the 20’s as the Lodge was Opening… The Roaring 20’s.. I walked past the Old Golf Course. When the Lodge Opened it was Considered the Fanciest and Most Modern Resort West of the Mississippi. 2000 Acres, Gold Course, Pool, Riding Stables, and Don’t Laugh.. but Toilets and Electricity.. and Even it’s own Orchestra.. playing Music all night long..

I love to think back about what it would of been like…

After I walked for awhile I started to go down Woodlawn Drive down towards the Clubhouse and Boathouse, on my way I had seen where a Flock of Turkey’s had just been scratching the Leaves looking for their Breakfast I guess… I must of just missed them. So on I went, my Knee was Feeling much better by now and I was Moving fast for me. This is my most treasured part of my Walk.. I’m on a Road but totally in Nature. I stopped by the Clubhouse for a Moment then off to the Boathouse. For those of you who have never been to the Boathouse…The Boathouse is where they Actually kept all the Boats back in the 20’s.. Jon Boats and Wooden Canoes, However, it is on a very High Bluff over looking the River with Amazing Views.. They had a Crane System to Bring the Boats back up the Hill.. I just can’t imagine doing that.. but they did. They House was converted into a Home in the 50’s.

So I arrived… Still Cloudy.. but you know I see Clouds in a Different Way… Clouds create Shadows… I like to call them Shadows of Love.. Very Comforting really. I keep a Chair overlooking the View. Its were I buried Libby. She Loved it there.. and I have to go visit her most everyday.

I sat down.. started to look around. Many of you might remember I can see a tree from this Very Spot and I call it my Dad Tree.. It’s a Large Sycamore right next to the the River in the Valley Below, over looking the River, just like My Dad always over looked us on Camping Trips on the River. Right next to the Tree is the Tree I call Ben.. Ben was the Young Soldier I loved so Much that Lost his Life way to Young.. as YOU my tell this is a very Scared spot in my Life.

To my Surprised and Never before have I seen… A Bald Eagle on sitting on one of the Limbs of my Dad Tree.. then My Emotions Kicked in.. eyes teared up… You see, as must of you know

When ever I see a Bald Eagle.. I think of My Dad.. as on the Day of his Funeral, one came and Visited me in the Woods. But to see one on His Tree.. it was more then I could Handle..

I set there and Cried and Thought about all the Joy we really have in our Lives.. I cry just sitting here writing you this story.. Thanksgiving.. Family.. The Love we really have to give each other..

I thought… Hold on to me… Hold on to me.. Hold Tight, Hold Long.. just Love me..

I was in Awe just sitting there.. watching as I know the Eagle was Looking to Find a Meal.

She just sat there.. I just sat there.. The leaves falling now have a Crisp Sound to them.. Cracking through the Air as the Drift to the Earth to to life in another form.. I could hear Squirrels running through the Grounds making a Ton of Noise.. This Spot in Nature is so Pure it is Hard to really describe. It’s like a Window framed in beauty. Then all of a Sudden she took off.. flying down stream… My Heart Skipped, to see a Bald Eagle in Nature living their life is just so touching… I knew then that Today was a Special Day..

I waited for a Few more Minutes before I started to head back Home.. I thought to myself..
That Love is like the Path of an Eagle.. perfect in every way.

On my way back home… on Woodlawn Drive heading back to the Road.. I spooked up a Mother Doe and her two twin Yearling’s. They had been resting in the Leaves. I see these three quite a bit really. I have even given the Mother a Name.. Betsy. Don’t ask me why Betsy, was just the First thing that came to me.. But Betsy had Not run off.. she stopped and just looked at me… Then She said.. ” How has your day Been..? ” I smiled.. replied ” Wonderful, I was given a Gift of Love and Life..” She Lifted her back leg and Scratched her Ear in curiosity..

She tilted her head… and Said… ” We are all given life to Live.. to Love.. and to Hold.. Cherish the Time you have with your Kids and Family.. Remember we are here only for so long and never hold a Grudge towards Others… as they may need you and you may need them.. Believe in the Positive things that give Happiness and always realize the Sun will come out again.. to warm and Give Life. ” I nodded my Head with agreement and Smiled. Betsy then proceeded to walk into the Woods until I could no longer see her.. but her words are so true.

I finished my walk with tears in my Eyes… Happiness in my Heart.. and Love on my Mind..

I wish all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving.. I hope you all find the Love in your hearts to Give

Believe and Spread the Cheer of Positive Caring.. Also Remember to bake those Chocolate Chip Cookies.. and maybe an Apple Pie for that Neighbor that NO one comes to see.. Maybe even invite them into your home for Dinner. You see Kindness is the Gift of Love.
Happy Thanksgiving

Love from my Heart


PS… I am working on the Concert Season for 2017.. but I needed a Rest. I am not as Young as I once was..