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  • “Amie”
  • “Let Me Love You Tonight”
  • “Still Right Here in My Heart”

PPL in the new millennium may be a curious prospect to some, but the bands longevity is a testament to the timelessness of the music. As they write for a new project, they’ve returned to their roots–no sax, but pedal steel master John David Call returning–and it’s no surprise that after all these years their sound is what Country Radio is all about, proving that good music is good music no matter when it’s made or played–and you can go home again.

Tickets for Mar. 26, 2022

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Concert Seating;

Don’t worry if you can’t get here early. After you select your concert package you will be able to select a seat upgrade. In the past it has been a hassle to get the seat you want with the lottery and festival seating. If you do not want to upgrade your seats you will still be able to select seats in the general seating area.

Dinner Seating and Menu;
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Please review the lodging or guest house here before you select your concert package. All Lodging reservations are for the night of the concert and include Breakfast at the lodge the next morning.  If staying at the lodge you can request 2 twin beds or a queen bed. You can also request to share a suite with someone. These requests are not guaranteed. You will make this request at checkout in the survey.

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Tickets for Mar. 26, 2022

Be sure to select your seating.

Lodging check in 3:00 pm

Dinner start at 6:00 pm

Concert time 8:00 pm