Buy Tickets for Poco, the Music, Oct. 8, 2022


The Grand Old Lady’ is peacefully sleeping for the long cold winter, but she briefly woke up with some exciting news and it wasn’t a dream!

On October 8th, members of the final lineup of Poco will be gathering to play selected songs from a 53 year career, to remember and celebrate the legacy Poco created alongside the fans who made the annual pilgrimage to Wildwood.

It’s a continuation of a tradition for fans to be able to carry on their love for the music as well as their love for each other.

Jack Sundrud
Rick Lonow
Tom Hampton
Michael Kelsh
Michael Webb
George Grantham….  Sittin In
Join Us for the Music of Poco
Mary Young

Tickets for Oct. 8, 2022

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Concert Seating;

Don’t worry if you can’t get here early. After you select your concert package you will be able to select a seat upgrade. In the past it has been a hassle to get the seat you want with the lottery and festival seating. If you do not want to upgrade your seats you will still be able to select seats in the general seating area.

Dinner Seating and Menu;
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Wildwood Springs Lodge

All Lodge reservations are for the night of the concert and include Breakfast at the lodge the next morning.  If staying at the lodge you can request 2 twin beds or a queen bed. You can also request to share a suite with someone. These requests are not guaranteed. You will make this request at checkout in the survey.

Rooms at Wildwood Springs Lodge

Guest Houses

Guest House booking is through Airbnb and feature private accommodations including a Private Bath. 
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Tickets for Oct. 8, 2022

Be sure to select your seating.

Lodging check in 3:00 pm

Dinner start at 6:00 pm

Concert time 8:00 pm