Wildwood Concert Series

Wildwood Springs Orchestra

Wildwood Springs Orchestra

A getaway at Wildwood has been compared to a week-end at Grandma’s house. Concert day, guests arrive, get settled in, and relax until dinner time….6pm sharp! Just like Grandma’s house, everyone eats their hearty, homestyle meal together, in the spacious, old fashioned dining room. Don’t get too full, homemade desert and coffee come next! There’s no need to rush a good thing, and remember my motto “You’re here to relax!”. While everyone is enjoying dinner, our staff is busy rearranging the lobby, adjusting the sound system, and building a roaring fire in the grand old stone fireplace. For the convenience of our guests, we have a full service bar, open for the duration of the performance.

Bob Bell



POCO018 Wildwood Concert Series